The Margaret River area is a lovely region with a Mediterranean climate that’s on the dry side. Located in Western Australia’s lower southwest, it’s famous for surfing, wine, and being a great location for a weekend getaway or a long holiday. In fact, this region is one of the world’s best holiday destinations. 

If you’re thinking about a trip to this region, you’re not going to regret it. You’ll enjoy a mild climate with little seasonal variation and an attractive natural setting. The areas many vineyards and a lovely coastline make for beautiful scenery, and some of Western Australia’s best beaches are located in the Margaret River region.

A Margeret River getaway is a great way to relax and refresh yourself. There are lots of different activities to choose from – from spending time sunbathing or swimming on the area’s brilliant white beaches, surfing in the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, or enjoying some of the delicious food and world-renowned wines this region is known for.

Unfortunately, many people on a trip to Perth don’t end up visiting this region. They may not know that Margaret River exists at all, or maybe they don’t realize all it has to offer. No matter what the reason, they’re missing out on something special.

The trip south is along a highway that doesn’t see a lot of use, so there’s no heavy traffic or similar annoyances to deal with. Plus, there are plenty of sights to see and attractions to visit on the way.

Once you arrive, there are lots of excellent places to stay, and wineries to visit. The region only produces three percent of the wine in Australia, but it’s responsible for a fifth of the country’s premium wines, so be sure to stay for a sample if you take a tour.

Whether you want a cute bed and breakfast, a fancy hotel, a luxury retreat or a great place for the whole family, there are plenty of accommodations. Some places offer holiday rentals, and there are even some excellent campgrounds to help you get up close to the scenery.

Currently, there are about ninety vineyards in the region and over a hundred producers of grapes. You’ll find public tastings and tours, cellar door sales, and many other fantastic tourist opportunities at local wine producers large and small.

Don’t think there’s nothing to Margaret River but grapes and wine, however. You’ll also get the option to check out the local foods, including cheese and chocolate, plus empty beaches and great ocean views. You’ll want to remember to check out Meelup Beach and Sugarloaf rock.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Western Australia, you shouldn’t let yourself forget about the Margaret River region. Its food, beaches, wineries and other attractions make visiting a must. There’s a lot to see and do – if you want a relaxing holiday, this is the perfect destination.