Shall we say you own a few contraptions, possibly a telephone, a pc and a netbook or laptop? If that’s the case you also have an iPod or an MP3 player and a hand-held Nintendo game console. It’s probably reasonable to say that you have different chargers and adapters for each. If you’re like me, it’s likely that now and then you’ve lent a charger or get annoyed with all of the cables on your desk and drawers. Multiply the number of chargers to the number of contraptions the members of your family have as well and the aggravation increases. Well, wireless charging technology wants to keep wires (and hence the clutter) small and to make you truly mobile.

Why do you need it?

Recent innovations in mobile technology, new features like radio-based connectivity from mobile to P.C, better displays, and better processors, demand more power from batteries. Let’s face it, carrying a charger around and looking for a power outlet every 8 hours is not practicable, and here’s where wireless charging technology comes in. The concept of wireless charging originally comes from Nikola Tesla’s wireless energy transfer and it essentially provides a centralized platform with which to charge your devices. The company Powermat pioneered the utilization of the technology with their Powermat wireless charging system.

How does wireless charging technology work?

As the name suggests, the system makes use of a mat or a wireless charging pad. The pad acts as the transmitter while the receiver comes as a backplate (or a door). To employ the machine you want to replace your phone’s back plate with a custom fit door receiver, and it’s as simple as that. You can charge your phone by setting it down on the pad. In some models of the Powermat, you can charge 2 to 3 contraptions simultaneously. Of course, you’d have to buy door receivers for each device. Door receivers are available for a good range of mobile devices from Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, and HTC, among other popular manufacturers.

If your device doesn’t have a custom fit receiver made for it, you can go for a universal Powercube. The Powercube is quite literally, the jack of all trades in the Powermat system. It comes with 8 tips (or jacks) so we can essentially plug pretty much anything to charge them.

Frankly, getting a collection of Powermats will need you to pay out additional dosh though for the ease and portability the system affords, I say it’s worth the investment.