There aren’t many thinner laptops than the MacBook Air. We’ve all seen the advert where it fits in the envelope. It’s almost like a piece of paper. This beautiful gadget is the latest invention from Apple. Once again their design team has got it to spot on and have designed not just a gadget but a piece of art.

Looking at the MacBook Air really does make you want it. Sure there are thinner laptops out there, but do they have anything on the design of the MacBook Air? Not one bit… With the MacBook Air came a laptop that people wanted to show off.

It’s more a fashion item more than anything. If you have one of these you certainly don’t want to keep it to yourself. The aluminum casing reassures you that the build quality has not been sacrificed for the size.

The design is fantastic but the power of the laptop is not as good as some others. The MacBook Air is definitely not the fastest of laptops on the market. The MacBook Air is powerful enough to be used for basic processes but you may not want to replace your desktop with it.

The Apple MacBook Air has a bright display which produces vivid real colors. The fact that it is an LED display instead of an LCD display means that the battery lasts that little bit longer. Good quality screens make using the computer a much better experience.

If you like writing on the move then the MacBook Air is perfect for you. It makes easy typing with its full-size keyboard. The keys are also separated from each other so you won’t have to fumble looking for the right key to press.

The MacBook does not come with a CD/DVD drive which means that you will not be able to burn DVDs or watch them on the move. As well as this the Air only has one USB port which may be annoying for some.

The Macbook Air is a must have. It’s sleek design is to die for. The only bad thing about it is the price. It costs around a grand to buy which means you’ll have to save up for one! However, there is a way where you can get a Macbook Air for free. All you have to do is simply register for a DVD trial with Blockbuster or a similar service. Then invite a few friends to do the same. This marketing strategy has been covered by reputable news networks such as BBC, CNN and NBC