Before we even begin this discussion on realistic money management while in college and personal finance for college students, it is important that you take this key principle into consideration: Whatever makes one happy is easy to do and one is likely to be successful at it. If you keep this concept in mind, then you understand why personal finance is not a happy or enjoyable topic for college students.

Often times, personal finance for college students concerns long term goals, and as long as these college students are living under the sheltered environment that college provides, the farthest goal they have set in the future is to get a job in a couple of years, and anything beyond that is a little hazy for just about everyone. Then, how can college students apply personal finance to their lives? There only exists one way personal finance can work for college students and that’s if the whole process is made enjoyable and brings about some rewards now or later on in the future.

Most information that has been created for saving money in college is known to cover things like receiving only the best loans, and how you should optimize your FAFSA, things of this nature fly right on over the head of those college students and the reason that it does is because this info is generally written by individuals that have completely forgotten what college is really like.

Keeping that in mind, this article will provide some great steps one can take today that make personal finance for college students easy and most importantly, bring happiness in your life.

Make your account automatic: Once you have set up your savings account, you should set it up so that it withdraws a couple of dollars each week from your checking account. By doing this, the money will be automatically saved for you, a little bit at a time, and you want have to worry about the money or even think about it for that matter.

Apart from the 2 steps discussed above, it is recommended that you look for cheaper forms of entertainment, never apply for credit cards, eat on campus, always take advantage of free stuff and always ask around to find the best place to purchase anything.

In relation to personal finance for students at college, you should still always do thing that will make you feel good. Even though this may be a rather shocking finisher to your personal finance tip list, you are in college, and this is the time to experiment. It’s highly likely that as a college student, you will do some ridiculous things with your personal finance which you will regret and never forget.