Are you tired of looking at the same old wallpaper on your Apple iPhone? So get out of your doldrums, and spice things up a bit by changing your wallpaper! Its easy and quick, and there’s zero tricks to it. A click here and a tap there, and you have got new wallpaper!

You could turn nearly every image you see on the Web into your next Apple wallpaper. When you see a picture you desire, just right click on it and then choose “SAVE PICTURE AS” in the menu that comes up. Select a folder to put it in, example like My Pictures or whatsoever folder you desire, give the pic a title, and click Save. You can collect a selection of pictures that you would want to use for your wallpaper. This is your starting step – getting the pictures to use onto your computer.

In your search, you would find that some websites don’t allow you to just take their photos off their website for your own use. In their web page coding, they have disabled right clicking on their page. So if you encounter this restriction, you cannot utilize that photo for your wallpaper. Out of a trillion websites or so that are on the internet, you’re certain to find a few you like for your Apple wallpaper on the websites that do permit right-clicking.

Another way to collect photos to use for your wallpapers is to do a research for the internet sites which provide downloads of photos to use as Apple iPhone Wallpapers. A few of these are free of charge, and a few cost you some money.

Now that you’ve several images to use for your wallpapers, the following step is to link up your iPhone to your computer. Just plug in your iPhone’s USB cable. This’ll launch iTunes. Click the PHOTOS tab.

And then click SYNC PHOTOS FROM. Browse to your photos folder and pick the ones you will like to copy to your iPhone. And then click SYNC. Your images are now on your iPhone.

Now tap the Photos icon on your iPhone and you’ll see every one of your new photos.

Go to your Settings menu. Tap on the Wallpaper icon. Once again, you’ll see each of your photos displayed. Choose a photo that you want to use for your Apple wallpaper. Tap Options. Tap USE AS WALLPAPER.

Now you can pull your image round on your screen, or zoom in or zoom out to position it where ever you like. To zoom in, merely tap the photo with two prompt taps. When it zooms in, do the same way and it’ll zoom back out once again. When you’re happy with how it looks, then tap SET WALLPAPER.

That is it! You now have a new wallpaper on your Apple iPhone.

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